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Like neckties, fine wine or a tailored suit, the classics never go out of style. Capture the classic feeling of a close shave and smart haircut, and feel like one of the guys as you relax at your local barber shop while enjoying good conversation, great style and a friendly atmosphere. Our professionals specialize in men’s styles and can give you the cut and shave you want for everyday dress or any special occasion. Make an appointment or just walk-in, we’re here to greet you with style.

Our barbers specialize in men’s cuts and shaves and can give you the personal attention to detail and welcome atmosphere that every gentleman looks for in their local barber!


Whether you’re off to your daughter’s wedding or want to look like the savvy professional on your upcoming business trip, schedule an appointment or walk-in today!



Signature Cut

Distinguished haircut, scalp cleaning and conditioning, hot lather straight edge neck shave.

Executive Cut

Distinguished haircut, scalp cleaning and conditioning, shoulder massage and hot towel finish.

Old Fashion Shave

Essential shaving oil, shaving cream, hot shave butter, straight edge shave and cool towel to finish.

Beard Trim

Keep your beard in order. Line straighting and shape. Conditioned with essential beard products.


Stay looking your best with a ear, nose eyebrow or neck wax.


Get a great cut on a budget! College ID Required.

Groomsmen/Groom Package

Make it a party! Look your best when it counts on the special day! 



$25 or $20

w/ Exec or Signature Cut


$10 (Each)


Call for Details





Phone: 262-302-0080



807 Clinton Street

Waukesha, WI 53186